Get Off My Lawn!

Earlier this month, I put my foot down and declared that our little family will not participate in any sort of trick-or-treating event beyond the actual traditional Halloween night trick-or-treating. In years past, we have participated in so many truck-or-treats (school, church, battalion headquarters, friends, etc…) that by the time All Hallows’ Eve rolled around, the novelty of wearing a costume and asking for processed sugar had worn off. Not even a full-size Kit Kat bar could muster the excitement I felt as a kid dressed an old lady trick-or-treating in 90-degree Phoenix weather.

It’s not that I am against truck-or-treat per se, I’ve had a lot of fun participating in such events previous years. But like most things in the world today, it just got to be too much. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been craving a simpler life for quite some time now. Additionally, I am beginning to notice the effects of having over-stimulated children living in our house, which is why our children only collected candy on one night this year (the horror!).

Look – I think Halloween is a great holiday. Clay and I enjoy dressing up and participating in the festivities with the kids. We watch spooky movies leading up to the big night. We carve pumpkins and hang up decorations. But I know that I can’t be the only parent out there who is getting damn tired of the gluttonous amount of Halloween events leading up to actual Halloween night. I realize that I sound like the crotchety ‘get off my lawn‘ guy in the neighborhood who doesn’t even participate in Halloween festivities but come on…how many times do we actually need to trick-or-treat each year?

Once. The answer is once.


2 thoughts on “Get Off My Lawn!”

  1. For many years Halloween was not A Thing here in Australia, but some enterprising bright spark decided to try and make it a thing. The only trouble is, many of us are not at all on board with it being a thing!

    My 70 year old mother in particular is not happy with random people in costume ringing her doorbell until all hours, so much so she actually went on holiday this year to miss it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One day is enough and here many of us would actually like no days. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I am totally with you on this! We skipped all trunk-or-treat events this year. Too much candy, and too many events. I felt a little guilty for missing one of them, but otherwise it was freeing! We only trick-or-treated 2 culdesacs and still have too much candy.


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